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The Design/Build Process is a service in which a client contracts with a single Design/Build Firm to provide the designs and architectural plans along with the construction services.

The traditional method of first selecting an architect or designer then requires the client to solicit multiple bids from contractors to get an idea of the actual cost of the plans. This can create the potential for problems and delays. In most cases architects and home designs do not have the expertise to know the true costs of the designs. If the contractor estimates come in over the budget, the plans would need to be redesigned to fit the clients budget, more estimates would then be required, thereby adding extra time and money to the design phase and further delaying the construction of the project.

The Design/Build Process puts the architectural and design phase, budgeting, and planning phases of the project together. This allows for a clearer communication between the client and the Design /Build Firm to design the project to the clients budget. Design/build gives our clients a seamless, cost effective, functional product from one source.


Below are some additional advantages of choosing Ashwood Designs & Custom Homes to be your Design/Build Firm:

  • Ashwood Designs & Custom Homes specializes in 3D Design that allow the client to see the space before the project begins. This helps the client decide on the appropriate layout and finishes that fit the clients individual style.

  • We provide our homeowners with a full set of plans, elevations, and other drawings necessary to visualize the design. This makes it easier for you to “see” the space and understand how it will function before construction starts. This is the time to make changes if needed.

  • As both the design team and the construction team, we are able to design the project to your budget. This helps to set guidelines for the design and product selections so the project stays within your budget.

  • With final approval of the design, you will receive an estimate and a projected schedule before a final contractual commitment to build the project takes place. 

Your home’s design is where we start; from there we will handle all facets of your project with one goal in mind – to provide you with a quality product and peace of mind.


Custom Homes

The ability to get what you want, just the way you want it, is the idea behind a custom built home. There is no place more personal than your home and every square inch of it should be a reflection of your desires. From the drawing board to the final stages of new home construction, unmistakable distinctive quality goes into every home we build.

You know what you want and we know how to provide it—countless product choices, quality construction materials and experienced building processes. Every stage of the project is scrutinized with your satisfaction as the final measurement. The result is amazing home with superior craftsmanship. 


Here are some of the benefits to choosing Ashwood Designs and Custom Homes:


  • Our commitment to client satisfaction ensures your new home will be built to the highest level of excellence.

  • Our professional relationships with industry partners mean we have the resources to advise and guide you through the process of designing and building your custom home.

  • We are a licensed home builder, which guarantees your home will be built to meet all local and state building code requirements.

  • Our company is fully insured to protect your investment and we warranty our work.

  • Our knowledge, training, experience and commitment to completing every house we build to our client’s ideals make choosing Ashwood Designs and Custom Homes as your Custom Home Builder a great financial decision.

  • We specialize in 3D design that allows the client to see the space before the project begins. This helps clients choose the finishes that fit their individual style.


The advantages listed above are just a sample of what you receive from Ashwood Designs and Custom Homes. If you are looking to build in Houston, all that’s left for you to do is contact us to schedule an appointment to meet and discuss your options.


Ashwood Designs & Custom Homes has the expertise to give your house a new beginning. From a basic remodel to a complete home renovation, we are the qualified professionals to handle your project. We do simple remodels such as remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, as well as larger renovation projects such as taking a home down to the studs and completely rebuilding it. This includes projects such as historical homes where a complete make-over is needed from the outside-in. We also remodel homes that simply need to be updated with today’s conveniences and design trends.

As a general contractor and homebuilder, we have the ability to execute your remodeling requests with skill and professionalism. Ashwood Designs & Custom Homes can transform homes into places that portray who you are by reflecting your unique tastes and personality.

Algregg 715 IMG 08.jpg

Here are some reasons for choosing us to renovate your house:

  • As a certified remodeler and home builder with national designations, we are well educated on every aspect of home construction and building codes.

  • We commonly remodel homes that are complex projects, therefore our construction partners are very familiar with our process and our expectations.

  • We understand building systems and how the parts of a home are connected both structurally and operationally.

  • Our design services give you the ability to plan and refine the project to suit your budget or desires while still in the planning stage, potentially saving you substantial time and money.

We recognize that remodeling is different than building a new home because we are working with an existing structure with elements that must be considered before any changes can be made.

Your home’s value, the way it functions and your design preferences are where we start. From there we will handle all facets of your remodel project with efficiency, engineering and your ultimate approval in mind.

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